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Meet Craig Bono,



Over the course of his 30-year career, Craig has been involved in businesses as a Director, CFO, entrepreneur, Artistic/Creative ideator, and sales Superstar. His true passion is creating and turning around niche businesses with a solid well thought out strategy. 


  • Specializing in SMS/Text marketing and loyalty offer alerts to help businesses and organizations of all kinds generate,  and engage customers/members with unique campaigns. This easily and affordably accomplishes a way to generate new sales and customer communication. He provides a suite of mobile solutions customized for any business. 


  • Launched multiple Sales strategies/training processes to build Dealers Finance/Sales Depts. from 70 to 550 new deliveries per month and grew the sales goals from 275k to 7.789 million. Craig received multiple awards and accolades from Honda Motor, LoJack Corp. and various Auto Dealer groups for closing/revenue domination, leadership, and creativity.


  • He achieved stellar success in the Automotive space. Then again in Digital Advertising Sales, showing his ability to acclimate easily within diverse business models.


  • Has had extensive training and experience in advertising and marketing strategies from several top-notch companies ranging in expertise from small business to national models.


  • Craig focuses on ROI and quantifiable results. He looks at your business with a consultative approach to uncover the best areas to market with the most innovative and cost-efficient ways to do so.


  • By working as an independent Specialist, Consultant, Mentor he is able to focus on your business with precise attention, treating your brand and reputation as if it were his own.

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